Aesthetically Sawsan matches shapes of evident classic inspiration to current proportions, creating a product that well suits to whichever kind of furniture. The thickness of the padding is lessened as modern tendencies dictate, without renouncing to the highest comfort. Executive seating with strong spirit and unmistakable relief matched with wide chromatic cartels, completed with contrast stitches and delicate finishing. On the other hand, one shell Sawsan seating are perfect for contract: available on four legs, cantilever and four spokes frames. Thanks to the wide range of versions and its contemporary design, Sawsan customizes all the group and waiting areas in hospitals, business and trades, hotels, culture and yachting. The three frames available can be manufactured chromed, black or white painted. With Sawsan Sitmatic has caught the challenge of our times, creating an icon enclosing the variability of modern spaces.

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