Sawsan Luxury

Starting from the Sawsan concept, Sitmatic developed this chair features to create a prestige seating, Sawsan Luxury. This new product keeps all the peculiar technique elements of the original chair for all the models, although it emphasizes its upgraded care thanks to the selected chromed finishing and its exceptional covering: real leather of artisanal production, resistant to the scratches, spots and using. The distinctive marks of Sawsan Luxury are its tailored details, completely customizable, the high-quality components, its exclusive shapes: an armrest that make matchless the spaces your office. Available as executive or visitor seating, the comfort of the chair is ensured by a couple of upholstered seat and lower back cushions. The distinctive feature of Sawsan Luxury are the custom-made details, completely tailorable, superior quality components, particular shapes: Sitmatic created this seating to make unique the user and his space.

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