Sitmatic Universe is constantly growing

Every month new galaxies of chairs and armchairs sprout to populate more and more eclectic and multiform spaces without renouncing to comfort and to the luxury of always.

The convergence of uses and functions, the recurring interaction between open spaces and exclusive spaces are the daily strength for those who preferred to keep the Man the focus of everything.

A more complex man, more fluid. With bigger needs and higher expectations, but preserving the same need of always: feeling good.

Once he dreamt the Moon, now his glance runs beyond the stars.

If each space is really unique and different,
why accepting a life fitting someone else?

Sitmatic customizes its products, recalling this strong identity need with pret-a porter seating able to blend functionality and elegance, comfort and ergonomic in an unique and exclusive way. Tailored chairs for big or small planets, whole galaxies and parallel universes.



Why bounding your world?