Beauty is matter of details, but it’s not just a detail.

Who is born in Michelangelo or Leonard nation knows how to hide himself and unveil his personality in the smallest details,
looking always for the whole’s harmony.

Dignifying the spaces where we live, keeping them unique.

That makes us unique.

Surrounding yourself of beauty helps us to rediscover it inside and around you


Aware of its ideas, Sitmatic goes on along the path of the best Italian creativity, creating a fortunate landing for well-known designers as well as young talents. Sitmatic becomes the excellent meeting place where Universities or Design Schools can work together with the company in order to share the research of best shapes.
From all these features a new concept of Italian style comes to the light, where functionality, comfort and values fit together, creating “pieces of daily luxury” never for their own sake. Because people wellbeing means innovative design matched with eco-friendly materials, artisanal knowledge and perfect finishing. Creating objects stronger than the flow of the time, with elegance and style.

For Sitmatic Italian Style means:


. Being totally aware of the origin of its raw material
. Highlighting the value of artisanal expertise and manual processing
. Offering total assistance till 8 years starting from the purchase
. Taking care of the world we live in through concrete actions all along the production cycle
. Making beauty an experience accessible to everybody in a simple way